Shop Like a Pro – Know Your Real Leather from Fake Alternatives

Shop Like a Pro – Know Your Real Leather from Fake Alternatives

Buying genuine leather is not as easy as it seems. Technology has gone so far that it has become difficult to distinguish between real and PU leather. Follow this simple advice and never be fooled again. If you have the opportunity, go for the real thing because of esthetics and piece of mind.

Real leather look better, smells better and is more durable. This is important for things we use every day, like bags, ipad covers, phone covers and so on. Real leather protected with a coat can last for years if maintained properly, while PU leather shows signs of wear and tear much sooner. The market is overwhelmed by products made of imitation leather. Yes these products can be quite cheap, but have you asked yourself what do you get for the money you spend? Isn't it better to opt for a genuine leather that will last for years and look great? In addition, a leather case will distinguish you from millions of people who go for cheaper alternatives. So, how can one tell the difference between real and fake?

It takes a little bit of practice, but over time you will learn how to distinguish these two materials easily and quickly. First, look at the label – what does it say? If it says that the product is made of real leather, it is most probably true. However, if the label reads “manmade materials,” the product is made of faux leather. Next, look around the edges of the product. While PU leather will have an edge that looks perfect, real leather will have a rougher look.

Another difference is that pores that can be seen on PU leather are in a consistent pattern, and its genuine alternative has pores scattered around in an inconsistent manner. And lastly, use your senses to determine the material that the product is made of. Touch the product – if it feels smooth or coarse or anywhere in between, it is real. You will find that genuine leather is characterized by softness and flexibility. And finally, smell it – the smell of the real thing cannot be mimed by artificial materials.

Photo attribution: Wen-Cheng Liu


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