De Niro to Direct “A BRONX Tale” on Broadway

De Niro to Direct “A BRONX Tale” on Broadway

The internationally recognized and Oscar winner Robert De Niro will team up with Jerry Zaks to co-direct the phenomenon autobiographical the film “A Bronx Tale”. This play-turned-film is expected to premier on December 1, 2016 at Broadway’s Longacre Theatre. The previews are set to the released on November 3.

Speaking to an audience in the announcement show, De Niro revealed that “A Bronx Tale” has always had a special meaning to his life and that he always perceived it to have great potential to be an excellent musical. He hopes that his directorial debut and partnership with Jerry will help highlight the special story to new audiences. He also said that he enjoyed working with Jerry and learned a lot from working with him.

Unlike most of the modern films, this one is a classic film that reveals the Bronx in the 1960s era. The story revolves around a hero who has to make a choice between following the advice and aspirations of his loving father and his inner desire to become a mob boss. Throughout the film, the character will have to make calculated decisions to get a glimpse and taste of both worlds. Concisely, this amazing story showcases the positive impact of loyalty, love, respect, and family on the society and the world at large.

It would not have been possible to film this movie without the expertise of a determined and committed design team that included Beowulf Boritt, William Ivey Long, Howell Binkley, Gareth Owen, Tara Rubin, Ron Melrose, Dough Besterman, and Jonathan Smith. They all worked together from the start to ensure that every scene was filmed perfectly.

To reach out to a wide audience, it is imperative that the production company and all the parties involved make the tickets available to the audience in advance to avoid last minute rush and unnecessary snarl-ups.



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