CATS returns to Broadway Aug, 2016

CATS returns to Broadway Aug, 2016

New York is a city where artistic abilities can indulge the fantasy of the audience life. The city offers shows ranging from comedy, classic, to fiction. Some of the greatest Broadway shows return year after year or are reborn after years of absence. “CATS” is one of the famous musical revivals which is returning to Broadway this summer. The principles of the Nederlander Organization and the Shubert Organization announced that they will join hands to produce this musical revival. The musical will feature the music of Andrew Webber. The show is based on the poetry written by T. S. Eliot. The show will be directed by the famous choreography and director, Trevor Nunn. The announcement has been greeted enthusiastically by music lovers everywhere.

The original production of the musical CATS ran beginning in 1982 and was extremely successful and longest running show among the Broadway shows. The script of the revival is expected to be amazing as the original show received 7 Tony Awards including the “best musical show” in 1983. The story shows how cats can survive in the world in different situations of life. The acting of the players will amaze every audience as you forget the roles are people and not real cats. The Broadway revival will open for everyone with no age restrictions. CATS will open on July 14 and run until August 2 on Broadway in New York.  

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