Why is Body Shaming So Harmful?

Why is Body Shaming So Harmful?

People have always been fixated with appearances. Throughout the ages, people create standards in which they feel they need to fit. They also laugh at the standards when they realize that they are hard to attain. In recent years, more people make fun of the way others look. Many people are guilty of body shaming others even they don’t mean to do so.


What people fail to realize is that body shaming destroys a person’s confidence. Instead of proudly walking into a room, the person will look down because she or he doesn’t want others to notice them. One feels disgusted by one’s appearance instead of being proud of it.  


Effects of Body Shaming


Constant body shaming will lead to unhealthy habits that include excessive exercising and dieting. It forces the person to behave in unhealthy ways and to skip meals altogether. It is not just overweight people suffering from body shaming. Thin people also experience the harmful effects when other people tell them to eat more, which is just as bad as telling a fat person to stop eating.


Body shaming can affect people of different body types. They end up hating their appearance because of what other people say. It makes them feel bad about their appearance and they find it difficult to be comfortable with how they look. It leads to insecurities that will make it difficult for them to love themselves.


People should realize that body shaming is hurtful. People should stop judging others on how they look. What people should do is encourage other people and understand that people are born with different body types. People can be beautiful even if they are thin, thick, curvy, or any other body type. It is important to learn to accept the differences and try to bring each one up instead of putting each other down.  

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