Want Firm Skin? Try Out These Tricks!

Want Firm Skin? Try Out These Tricks!

Women often fall for gimmicks and false promises when it comes to having firm skin, especially on the face. It is common knowledge that lack of collagen, elastin and fat results in saggy skin. However, there is a lot you can do to improve the look of your skin.

Even though the production of elastin ceases when we hit puberty, creams containing retinoids help re-stimulate production. Another benefit of using products with retinoids is that the compounds also stimulate cellular regeneration and the production of collagen. If you opt for the non-prescription product called retinol, you will have to wait half a year to see first results. If, however, you choose the prescription form, the results will come sooner as this solution is more powerful. The downside of it is that it is more irritating.

Steer clear of sun. Sun rays are the archenemy of skin because they degrade elastin and break down collagen. So apply sunscreen every morning. Make sure the SPF is 30 or more. In order for your skin care to be complete, use products containing coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A and C. They block the so-called free radicals in addition to blocking the elastase enzyme which in return breaks down elastin.

Another trick of having firmer skin on your face is not to strain your neck. This applies especially to joggers. Many women strengthen muscles which pull down their faces. And lastly, stay away from nicotine. Smoking not only destroys precious collagen and elastin, but it also decreases estrogen levels, which are crucial for skin firmness.    



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