Three lip care products from Dior

Three lip care products from Dior

Christian Dior founded his label in 1947 and quickly became one of the most influential designers of the century. His first perfume, Miss Dior, evolved into an entire line of skin care, fragrance, and cosmetics that show a boundless devotion to sensual femininity. The sunglasses add to the brand’s well known reputation, which provides luxury without compromise.

The Addict Lip Glow Color Reviving Lip Balm offers a glorious flush of color that also leaves your lips soft and moisturized. It is a must-have balm that enhances the natural color of your lips while moisturizing them all day long with nourishing oils. It is a universal balm that reacts to the unique color of your lips leaving them fresh and full, radiant as if glowing from within, and a flush of custom color. The color reviver technology will react to your lip’s moisture level and release its natural active ingredients. It is formula-enriched with mango butter and cucumber loofah to provide moisture and protection throughout your day.

It offers three different finishes. Original glow: an iconic, original finish with a rosy tint, along with a subtle shine. Matte glow: a tinted, matte, velvety finish with a blurring effect that acts as a base, or can be combined with a matte lipstick. And finally, Holographic glow: an iridescent finish to enhance the natural color of your lips.

You can apply the balm alone or as a primer, or team it up with some lipstick for an even more dazzling look. Just choose your preferred shade based on your skin tone, lip color, or just based on your favorite color. Any shade will react with the unique color and tint of your lips thanks to the new technology.


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