The Grey Hair And Rainbow Hair Trends

The Grey Hair And Rainbow Hair Trends

As soon as some grey hairs start to pop up, people desperately try to hide them! The goal is to maintain their natural hair color by either dyeing it or even replacing it! However, a recent trend has been to dye hair unnatural colors of the rainbow… and even grey! Talk about a contradiction!

We did see Lady Gaga with gorgeous platinum hair not so long ago. However, the look wasn’t fully embraced until model, celebrity and trendsetter Kylie Jenner posted pictures of her stunning grey locks on Instagram; the grey-granny-hair is here to stay!

The grey is surprisingly amazing on anyone with any length of hair – long, short, curly and even straight! Remember how Merly Streep rocked the grey bob in the movie The Devil Wears Prada? Rather than trying to hide the greys, she took it on in full!

Another head-turning trend that is just opposite to the grey hair is rainbow colored hair.  Decades ago, a lot of Punk-Rockers dyed their hair various eye-popping shades of the rainbow; now, celebrities like Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, Julianne Hough and Nicki Minaj do it and the trend is synonymous to all kinds of people!

You have two choices in terms of the intensity of the color in your hair – you can be like Katy Perry and choose colorful pastel highlights, but keep your natural color as the base, or, you can copy Hilary Duff who dyed her entire head of hair turquoise! Men and women who’ve dared to go more of fushcia have been compared to mermaids, unicorns, ponies and all things fantasy-related. If you are not sure how you would rock these colors, then you can easily use latest mobile apps to be your mirror-mirror-on-the-wall. 

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