A General Idea on Beauty

A General Idea on Beauty

The feature of any object whether living or non-living that makes it aesthetically pleasing is conventionally defined as beautiful. Beauty is not only associated with tangible objects. It can be present in ideas, concepts or any perceptual experience that brings out satisfaction or pleasure. Beauty is observed and studied as various parts of sociology, aesthetics, culture and social psychology. The ideal or conventional beauty is that, which is widely attributed or admired because of its perfection in the features and characteristics that the object or the concept possesses.

Any interpretation that executes harmony and balance with the nature can be termed beautiful. Beauty often evokes feelings of emotional well-being and attraction. However, the whole experience of beauty can be subjective. It can be understood by the old saying of ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’. There has been evidence that perceiving something or someone as beautiful has been determined by evolution.  Beauty has undergone various changes in definition since the beginning of history. 

The earliest forms of Western Civilization had considered beauty in proportion and symmetry. However, with the progress of time beauty gained a more philosophical aspect to its definition rather than the physical aspects that were used in its definition earlier. Since the dawn of civilization beauty has been used a measure to compare. Failure to achieve the results that were beautiful often resulted in dissatisfaction and resentment. It is still being observed in the modern society in one form or the other. The maintenance of natural harmony is the key to beauty.


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