Three “wow” outfits worn at the 2017 AMA’s.

Three “wow” outfits worn at the 2017 AMA’s.

We got "wows", and jaw-dropping outfits. The music stars were all gathered to do what we love most: show off their fashion sense at the 2017 AMA Awards night.

As with all award nights, there are always flops that become a major wardrobe disaster. But we are not focusing on those today. Let's take a look at three outfits at the American Music Awards that made us go "wow". 

Check them out and see if you agree with us. 

Selena Gomez and Her Leather Mini Dress

Selena Gomez’ outfit was probably one of the greatest (if not the greatest) shockers of the night. But the best part about this is that we were not wowed by a fancy dress. The blonde bombshell and the leather mini dress were all on point. Selena came in an absolutely stunning style that makes her stray even further from the Disney princess's look. 

The outfit was different, impactful, and everything we love to see on the red carpet.  Kudos to Selene for this bold and risky shot.  

Christina Aguilera Braless

Dazzling as she likes it.  Bold as she is.  Christina Aguilera knows about sexy, daring, and fashion.  She was one of the performers at the gala, and wow did she own it! She was wearing a black blazer with a cleavage showing all the way down to her waist. She really looked like a rockstar!

She had her makeup to a minimum and her blond hair was pulled back in a wet, slick hairstyle. Definitively stunning!

Demi Lovato with a See-through

Demi Lovato went for a more classic look.  That see-through dress really complimented the "Sorry, not Sorry" singer. The fierce look made the best of her toned body, making her look a bit like Kim Kardashian, maybe. 

This was a great choice for the artist which really killed it on the red carpet with this stunning, strapless black gown.  

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