Glam It Up With Plaid

Glam It Up With Plaid

Modern thinking on plaid points to two groups: those who see it as simple and essential for their style, and those who criticize it as a sartorial representation of people who try too hard to be different by rejecting anything they believe to be popular. Truth be told, today plaid has become a favorite style. Whether you cherish it or find it as a representation of all things hipster, plaid is one of the universal designs in modern fashion.


Plaid is a perpetual favorite for fashionistas as it can be dressed up or down. It is comfortable and typically inexpensive.  From Vivienne Westwood to Alexander McQueen, designers love the cross-hatched pattern and its concurrently preppy and punk meanings. When you look at its current reputation, plaid has not always been everyone's pattern of choice, but it has become very glamorous. Most holiday seasons are taunted as seasons for plaid. From various collections of plaid dresses, plaid shirts, plaid gloves, plaid scarves and even shoes, you can be spoilt for choice.


Plaid is not only for the holiday season. It works perfectly in cold-weather months too and indeed in all seasons depending on how you want to wear it. Maintaining a wardrobe that blends well with all seasons but keeps the same likable fashion trend is not only a cool thing but a must-have. The rules of plaid are simple, and you can switch colors and material type (think bright colors, crisp cotton, and flirty silhouettes).


Whether you want to try out a single accent piece, or stack on the pattern from head-to-toe, plaid is an easy way to have fun with color and add some glamour. No matter how far we have come, plaid will always find a place in our world of fashion whether matched with pressed khaki or a pair of baggy jeans.

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