The Starlet of Hollywood

The Starlet of Hollywood

Kate Hudson is a very Famous name in the Hollywood Film industry. She was born in 1979. She is no doubt one of the best actors in the United States. However, she also has another feather in her famous cap. She is the daughter of Academy Award winner Goldie Hawn. Her father Bill Hudson is also an actor. He is also a musician and comedian. However, she considers Kurt Russell, her mother’s long time partner as her father. Kate had been so interested in acting that she left her academics in New York University.
Kate had been accustomed to the world of acting since her childhood. She started her career with films that were lesser known, like Gossip, 200 Cigarettes. She had her first taste of success with the movie Almost Famous in 2000. Her performance was critically acclaimed in the movie. In fact, she had a nomination of best supporting actor for Academy Awards in the female category in that year. She had given us the gifts of various notable movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, Alex & Emma and many more.
Hudson had been known to take her characters in movies quite sincerely. She had known to gather a certificate of scuba diving for the underwater scenes in one of her movies named Fool’s Gold. She was also critically acclaimed for her dancing skills in the movie, Nine. She never wanted the tag of her parents name to propel her career, which she had proved well with her startling performances.


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