Marina Abramovic to publish a Memoir next year.

Marina Abramovic to publish a Memoir next year.

Some of you may have heard about her, if you are into Arts. She's a performance artist and for all of you, who have been a fan of her work, will be thrilled to know that she decided to publish her Memoir in 2016, when she will turn 70.

Personal experience has always been a great inspiration in everything I do. I hope that by telling my story, I will help others to be more courageous and do things they fear the most - she says.
Marina has never been shy when it comes to her performances, so we are expecting the same “attitude “in her new book. She had a few documentaries, but we assume that book will probably discover something about her that she didn't say or show before.

Her publisher Molly Stern says - Marina is born to be a narrator, she has a unique point of view on her life and world in general.
Marina will write about her childhood in Yugoslavia and her life in Belgrade. She will also describe her path of discovery, where she tested her mental and physical strength and stamina.

Even though she is worldwide recognized as an artist, and had a lot of her performances, she thinks she isn't appreciated and paid enough.
Sculpture “Chair for non-human use " was sold for 362.000 US dollars, and that was probably the most successful thing, when it comes to her sales.

We are hoping that the new book will open her even more doors in the world of Arts, and maybe then she will be even more appreciated and known as an artist.


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