Actors whose careers are fading away

Actors whose careers are fading away

It is so hard to stay popular, no matter how talented you are. There’s always going to be someone who is more talented, prettier and wanted than you. Some people know when they should simply quit, but there are those who are simply forced to disappear from the TV screens because they are no longer wanted and popular.

Liv Tyler is a perfect example of someone who is angelically beautiful and a solid actress, and yet she didn’t manage to stay in a spotlight for too long. It’s been almost six years since she made any important role in the film industry. To be real she had some irrelevant roles over the last years, but it wasn’t anything that reinvigorated her career.

Then we have Tara Reid. This actress has never been an A-list actress, but she did have some notable roles. Then in the last couple of year she has been more famous for her surgeries than for her roles. Now even though she is not starring in major films, she is still somehow present but in the B-movie genres. If she is satisfied, so are we.

What happened to a former heartthrob ? Freddie Prinze Jr. used to be so popular and women all over the world were simply crazy about this guy. He was a huge star back in the late 90s and at the beginning of 2000s and then he simply vanished. He has shifted towards voice work. He’s voiced characters in many movies, televisions and even in games, but when it comes to having a leading role in a blockbuster we are still waiting for that to happen. Maybe he is not into it anymore.


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